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Wood is beautiful


Mélodie Laroche's mission is to design and create products from local resources or recovered from shops, giving the time and the necessary work to each piece of wood to reveal its nobility and beauty and thereby enter into relation with the people to make them rediscover the pleasure of using everyday well made, ergonomic and durable objects.

Our work and our way of doing is part of the slow made movement: Slow Made’s mission is to promote models for producing and consuming manufactured goods based on skilled craftsmanship and the value of time. This movement encourages a responsible ethics of the maker and the buyer.

We take the time to research during product development, we count on our savoir-faire and patience during the manufacturing process, we make a serene and pleasant work environment and we encourage transmission of knowledge to both colleagues and to the public. We work in respect of our materials and the environment at all stages of developpement.  

Our goal is to make you rediscover the pleasure of beautiful and good objects, with the help of the the senses; sight, touch and smell.

The raw material, the wood, come mostly from the family farmland. This aspect is very important because it is in this way that we can contribute to the continuity of the family legacy. It also allows us to firmly anchor in our environment, to get in touch with the people around us and show them the beauty that stretches right before our eyes. It's our way of making a connection between nature and people, kind of if we were an interpreter.

Inspiration and materials are from very close to the workshop! Some pictures of landscapes that you will discover on this site are the very forests where we get our wood to make our products.

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